During one of the brainstorming sessions for this new blog, I started thinking about all the talented artists that I am friends with and how much I admire them.  Thus, the artists series.
First up is Cathy.  Cathy was basically my other mom in high school.  She was one of my best friend's moms, and we were over at her house all the time, making loud music and cleaning out her fridge.  She is one of the most fun women I know, and super talented to boot.

1. When did you start creating? 

I can hardly remember a time when I didn't have creative projects in the works. I remember Santa brought me a little loom to weave pot holders when I was very young - elementary school age. I did needlepoint kits, embroidery and sewing. I think I've done just about every form of crafting/creating in the world. I did everything, except painting and drawing. I didn't learn to paint until 2006.
2. Did you always want to be an artist for a living, or did you think it would just be a fun hobby?

Being an artist never entered my mind until just a few years ago.
3. What is your favorite medium to work with?

My favorite medium is oil paint. I love working with soft pastels and have been recently been learning as much as I can about watercolors. I find watercolors to be extremely challenging. I've created my "Art Project 2014 - Wedding Bouquet paintings" in order to improve my watercolor skills. I'm looking for volunteers to send me photos of their wedding bouquets. My goal is to paint as many bouquets as I can this year. Anyone can participate by emailing their bouquet photos to me at rodgers77@gmail.com. Details: http://www.cathyrodgersdesigns.com/project-2014-wedding-bouquet-paintings/

P.S. Cathy painted my bouquet and I LOVE it. 

4. What is your favorite experience you've had as an artist that you don't think you would have had if you were in another field?

Getting to participate in local art shows, such as The Monte Sano Art Festival and Panoply, are things I never thought I'd do.
5. What advice would you give young artists who want to pursue it as a business?

I would encourage young artists to learn as many marketing skills as possible. If you don't learn to promote yourself, no one will know that your art exists.

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