My hair is too thick to do lots of cute things.  There's almost too much of it for milkmaid braids, buns sometimes look like planets on my head, and it's way too frizzy during the winter.  I've had trouble putting it in a messy bun before, but I finally conquered it. Having trouble with a messy bun isn't unique to thick haired ladies, though... our fine haired sisters have the same issue.

This is my cute friend Lindsey.  She's an elementary school teacher, so her hair has to be out of her way while she's molding the minds of the kiddos.  However, since it's really fine and slippery, it can be hard to find ways to put it up and make it stay.

We messed around with it last weekend, and came up with a way to put it in a cute messy bun in defiance of its texture (mwahaha.) Here's what we did:

Get some kind of thickening product on your hair.  A texture spray, dry shampoo, or even plain hairspray will work. Anything to make it stickier than normal.

After you've gotten some product in it, put your hair up in a ponytail as high or as low as you want your bun to be.  We opted for high.

Wrap the hair from the ponytail around the base and secure it with another hair tie. Make it as loose as you can.  Really, the only part that needs to be held in by the hair tie is the very end of your hair so that it's still in a bun shape.  You can use your fingers to mess it up and pull pieces out.

After it's all roughed up, use a couple bobby pins to pin down around your hair.  This is the part that makes it appear thicker because you're pinning a couple inches away from the actual base of your ponytail.  The messier it is, the thicker your hair will look.

Give it another dose of hair spray, and you're done!

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