My good friend Courtney hooked me up with a bag of pureology shampoo samples (hooray!) and as she was handing me the bag, she said "And there's a french bobby pin in there!"  Having no idea what it was, I just said "Awesome!"  When I got home, I dug that french bobby pin out, more curious than anything.

You guys. You need one of these. Or, you know, a whole box.

I have seriously thick hair.  When I try to throw my hair up into a knot, the idea of using bobby pins like most tutorials say is laughable.  There's no way it will hold all of my hair up.  

But the french bobby pin does.  Seriously.  All you need is a hair band, the pin, and three minutes for the perfect messy bun.

1. Pull your hair into a ponytail, as high as you want your knot to be.

forgive my awkward face.

2. Take your hair and wrap it around the ponytail.  Make it messy.

3. Take the pin and slide it in sideways.  I jiggle it up and down while I'm putting it in so that it grabs more hair and is more secure. Some little pieces will probably fall out, but I like it that way.

So far this is the only style I've tried, but I can't wait to experiment more!

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