I just started using a luminizer, mostly because as a makeup simpleton, they kind of intimidated me.  But I sat down, made myself figure out what worked, and now I don't know how I got by with not using one.  My skin can be dull, especially in winter, but luminizers make you look pretty and glowy regardless.

So for all the makeup dummies like me, here's how to use one:

Pick a formula that isn't stark white - that's difficult to blend and looks weirdo on your face. Find one that has a similar undertone to your skin - pink or gold works best.  I have the ELF shimmer palette which has a bunch of different colors for different uses, but I usually stick to the gold-toned one.  I also use a gold powder eye shadow (like this one) for the inner corners of my eyes because creams seem to crease more.

Luminizer goes on your brow bones, cheek bones, down the bridge of your nose, in your cupid's bow, and in the center of your chin.  Reference my badly edited photo above.  I'm still learning, folks.

I put on powder foundation (I like Mary Kay), then luminizer, then cream blush (keeps it glowy, where powder can be dull) and eye makeup.

Using a luminizer has done wonders for how my skin looks. even after late nights and long work weeks.  I love it.

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