Happy Valentine's Day folks!
Even if it's not a holiday you particularly enjoy, it's certainly a good excuse to dress up and play with your makeup.  This is an eyes makeup look I use a lot when I want something more dramatic than my usual eyeliner/mascara combo.  It looks fancy, but it's really easy.

What you need: mascara (waterproof stays all day), eyeliner (I prefer liquid), and a 3-color eyeshadow palette.

1. Apply concealer around your eye.  It covers up your veins and keeps shadow in place.

2. Eyeshadow/Eyeliner.  The lightest shade goes in the inner corner and on your browbone, the medium color goes on your eyelid and extended a little bit past (to make your eyes look bigger), and the darkest goes in your crease.  Draw the crease on a little higher than where it is naturally to help widen your eyes.

Eyeliner shouldn't be too heavy since you're wearing a lot of eye shadow.  I just put a thin line next to my lash line.

3. Mascara should go on thick!  If you want some extra lash oomph, use Japonesque Fast Lash to extend them (If you wanna know what I'm talking about and how to use it click here. It'll change your life.)

Finish up with rosy cheeks and a pink lip gloss, and you're good to go!

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