Awards season is upon us.  I don't really watch them (I just catch the important points in gif form on tumblr), but they certainly serve for some hair and makeup inspiration. One of my favorite looks is Chloe Moretz's braided updo, so I decided to recreate it and add a few more braids because that's how I roll.  The end result looked more Khaleesi than movie star, but I kinda like it that way.

original inspiration:

Triple Braid Tutorial

1. Start out by taking a piece of hair above your ear and french braiding it around the back of your head.  Braid another piece below it the same way so it ends up like the picture below. Keep regular braiding the ends until the whole piece is braided.

2. On the other side, french braid a piece of hair from the front.  Only french it a little bit of the way and then transition to a regular braid.  Bring it to the back with the other two braids.

3. The 3 braids are going to be one strand of the regular braid you're bringing all your hair into.  Bundle up the 3 braids, split the remaining hair in 2 parts, and braid the 3 parts (2 parts hair, 1 part braids) together.

You can either braid all the way down and secure it at the end, or secure it midway and curl the ends.  

Now go reclaim your throne, Mother of Dragons.  Or go to a movie premiere. Whichever you prefer.

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