1. Softlips Watermelon - I have issues with keeping my lips moisturized in winter, so lip balm is a necessity.  I wrote about it here. This one goes on smooth, and the yummy smell reminds me of summer... oh, summer... get it here

2. Daughter If You Leave vinyl - The perfect winter soundtrack.  We've had this spinning on the record player all season. Get your own copy here.

3. Sea Salt dark chocolate - I feel really lame because I can't remember the exact brand that I ate, but BOY, is it delicious.  I'm a big fan of sweet and salty and this delivers.  Ghiradelli makes one, and you can usually find a couple options in the organic section of Kroger.

4. Bean boots - I want these more than I can express to you.  And with how wet and yucky it's been around here, waterproof boots are becoming a necessity. You can get them here and then I'll be really jealous of you.


  1. I have a pair of boots almost exactly like those. I snagged mine at target for about 20$ during a crazy winter sale. They are a staple boot for the north-east.

    1. Oh I'll have to look for some! I would prefer to find some that aren't as expensive as these...


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