I'm a little bit of a perfume junkie.

I take that back.  I'm a whole lotta perfume junkie.

And there's way more where that came from.

Something about it makes me feel sophisticated.  Especially when I find that one "signature scent." I bought one a few weeks ago that I absolutely love that I feel like might be my signature scent, that maybe it will be that holy grail of fragrance that I will buy again and again, but I have felt these things before.  My nostrils are fickle sorts.

Right now I'm wearing a woody floral by library of flowers.  It's called Forest, and I love it, and so does Caleb, so it will definitely stick around for a while.  I've always been into woodsy scents, but I've definitely had my forays into the other major scent categories.  Here are a few of my favorites from each one:

Scents like these are nice because you can wear them all the time.  They don't tend to be too overpowering, but definitely stay on all day.  I wore Coach Poppy on my wedding day and still wear it sometimes when I'm feeling super girly.  If you're looking for a new scent for spring, try one of these!

Both of these are great date night fragrances. I tend to like spicy scents over sweet ones, but even people who usually prefer the sweet side can wear these.  PS there's been research done that suggests that spicy floral scents make you appear thinner.  I don't know if I buy it, but I guess it's just another point in these guy's favor.

My friend Ashley has always worn men's cologne in conjunction with her girly perfume and the effect was awesome.  I was never quite able to mix it as well as she could, and with girly woodsy scents, I don't have to.  These aren't for everybody, but they are definitely my favorite category.  Woodsy scents for women are pretty rare, and therefore kind of expensive, but if you find one you really love they can be worth it.

If  you aren't quite sold on going whole-on woodsy, a woody floral may be for you.  It's still a deeper scent with a good masculine/feminine balance, but a little lighter and more versatile.  Plus, since scents like this are more common, they tend to be less expensive.

If you're just starting out on perfume, or aren't too concerned with it and just want to smell good, it's hard to go wrong with a fruity scent.  They work on pretty much anybody, they're easy to find, and they tend to be one of the lowest priced of the scent groups.  My friend Sarah has worn Be Delicious for years, and she loves it.

Perfume shopping can be daunting simply because there are so many options.  So when you're looking for a new scent:
Make sure you spray it on your skin.  The chemical reactions your skin has with the perfume will make it smell different on every person.  Like how I said Sarah wore Be Delicious?  I don't, because it doesn't react well with my skin.  I have been known to use it as an air freshener just because I love it, though.
Know that it will smell different the longer you wear it.  My advice is always to spray it on, walk around, and smell it again after 10 minutes.  That's how it's gonna smell when you start wearing it every day.
And after you take your new perfume home and start wearing it...
Know that just because you can't smell it doesn't mean no one else can.  Our noses get desensitized to smell after its there for a long time.  You only reapply perfume once or twice a day. If you apply it every hour you're gonna give someone an asthma attack.

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