Cake is one of my favorite things.  So, naturally it follows that balls of cake with candy topping is pretty high up there on my favorites list as well.

This is by far the easiest cake ball recipe I've come up with.  If you've got cake mix, icing, and almond bark, you're golden.  Prepare time is about an hour and a half, including cooling time for the cake.

What you need:
cake mix box (I prefer red velvet, but any will work!)
can of icing
almond bark

Prepare the cake according to the instructions on the box. After baking, let it completely cool.  This is important because otherwise the icing doesn't mix in properly.  Once the cake is cool, spoon it out into a mixing bowl and break it up.  Mix in most of the icing by the spoonful until you get a big, mushy pile of delicious cake mixture.

Start melting your almond bark in the microwave.  I melted three blocks in minute and a half increments.  While it's melting, roll the cake mixture into balls and pop 'em on a cookie sheet.  Once the almond bark is melted, start spooning it over your cake balls. This doesn't cover them completely, it just gives them a candy shell top, but it's much less messy than trying to dip every cake ball in the almond bark.

I keep mine in the fridge because I like them cold, but they'll also do fine at room temperture!

Happy nomming!

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