Something about summer makes me want to travel everywhere.  Road trips, weekend getaways, even day trips to Nashville seem like a great idea when it's warm and the sun is shining.

We have a few trips already planned this season already - we're headed on a 10-day mission trip to Montana in May.  Caleb has never flown before, so it'll definitely be a new experience (that may or may not have to involve Tylenol PM.)  

We're hoping to take a beach trip with some friends at the end of the summer and pack as many people as we can into one condo so that it's super cheap.  May as well do things like that while we're young and don't have babies!  My best friend is getting married in May and then she and her new husband are moving to Knoxville, so trips that way are in our future as well.

Fingers crossed, Bonnaroo may be happening too.  The benefits of having friends in Manchester!  If not, I'll content myself with concerts in the park in Nashville.

Here's to adventure planning in the next few weeks!


  1. I hope you get to go to Bonnaroo!! I loved it last year!

    1. I'm hoping and praying we do! If not this year, I'm definitely saving up for next. I wanna go before we have kids!


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