1. Take a nap whenever it strikes your fancy. Preferably in the sun. If you're tired, set an alarm for half an hour and hit the hay.  Half the time, just closing your eyes for a few minutes and laying there quietly will be enough to make you feel 100% again.  And if you actually fall asleep, you probably needed it.

2. Eat whenever it strikes your fancy, too.  I mean, don't have 8 three course meals throughout the day, but if you're hungry, have a snack so you don't binge later.

3. Can't get along with someone?  Don't bother with it.  There's no reason to continually put yourself in a situation where you feel like you might hulk out on someone.  If it's a situation where you must be civil, of course be civil, but don't keep making coffee dates with someone you don't like to try and force a friendship.

4. Say yes to alone time.  Sometimes you don't feel like hanging out with anyone.  That's ok.  Don't make yourself go out because you feel like you have to.  Alone time to regroup and relax is just as necessary as going out and keeping up with friends.

5. And stretch. Alot.  Seriously, next time you're stressed out just get a good stretch going.  It'll help, promise.

This is my parent's cat Nikki when she was a kitten. She is perfect.


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