I've been searching for something that will make my waves actually look like something pretty rather than a rat's nest for some time now.  Everything I tried either made it too greasy, too sticky, or did nothing at all.  Not so with this pomade from The Hippy Homemaker.

It smells great, is made with all natural and organic ingredients (no chemicals! Yay!) and it works great.  What more could you want?

I used it by scooping out a tiny amount (a little goes a loooong way) and melting it in the palm of my hand.  Then I scrunched it all over and waited for it to do its thing while my hair air dried.

My hair started waving up and holding its shape immediately (and it lasted until I washed my hair again! So 4ish days).  Above was while my hair was still wet, and here's how it looked a couple hours later:

Nice, beachy waves.  This stuff also gave my hair awesome "stick" for right after being washed - it stayed in buns and braids so much better than my freshly washed hair usually does.  I've used it for the past two weeks, and I love it.  It's a great moisturizing treat as well - with shea butter and jojoba oil, it deep conditions your hair while making it look awesome.

You can get your own tin of head trip here.


  1. Haha I think you are the only other person I know besides myself who washes her hair every 3-4 days. When I tell people this, they are like "I have to wash my hair EVERYDAY!!"

    1. I'm slowly converting people! I think it's the "transition" phase that gets people - once you train your hair to go a few days, it's not a problem any more! Until then, there is always dry shampoo :)


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