I'm a sucker for a good smokey eye, but with all the florals and pastels and general prettiness of spring, it would be amiss not to update my makeup along with my wardrobe.  Using purple and bold liner gives it a 60s mod look that I'm digging.

What I used: Merle Norman eyeshadow palette in Wistful, Merle Norman Pro Pen liquid liner, Merle Norman Lash Primer and Wicked Lash, Merle Norman eyeshadow primer and eyeshadow in Bare Necessity

For this look, here's what shadow goes where:

Prep your eyes with primer and a neutral colored shadow.  Primer keeps your shadow put all day and prevents creasing, and a neutral shadow covers up veins and redness so that you have a blank canvas to work on.

For starters, use the white shadow around the inner corner of your eye, extending it on your bottom lash line from the inner corner to about the center.  This will brighten up your eye and make you look awake.  The white shadow in the MN palette has a matte finish, which I like because it brightens more subtly than a shimmery shadow does.

Then, use the lumious brown shadow on the outer half of your lid.  This adds depth and gives some dimension to your eyes.

The purple is the fun part.  Using a fluffy eyeshadow brush, use the purple shadow in the "V" of your outer eye lid - in the crease and over the outer half of your upper and lower lash line.  Using a fluffy brush keeps your lines soft, but you can use a regular eyeshadow applicator if you want to be more dramatic.

White shadow:

White shadow + brown shadow:

The whole shadow shebang:

Once you have your shadow on, then comes the liner.  I like to use a liquid and wing it out a little bit.  After that, use a lash primer to make your lashes as big as possible, followed by black mascara on the top and bottom.  The MN lash primer + Wicked Lash mascara gives me the best lashes ever, and I've pretty much tried every mascara on the market.  This one beats them all.  

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