I'm starting to think that the key to being successful in anything is to be intentional about it.
Like to live healthier, you have to be deliberate and intentional about choosing better food and fitting some exercise into your day.  You have to be intentional about completing work on time and making sure that it's done right.  And you have to be intentional about picking up the phone and getting in touch with friends.  I feel like I'm so busy with what has to be done in my own head that I forget the value and importance of making sure I'm intentionally doing things that are good for my soul.

As much as you have to be intentional about getting the good stuff in, you have to be intentional about getting the bad stuff out.  I've dealt with anxiety for as long as I can remember, so I know what stresses me out and I know what calms me down, but I continually put myself in stressful situations and stew in it rather than doing some self-therapy and dealing with it.  I need to cut the pity party and do what's good for me.

Spring is always about new beginnings, and this spring moreso than most.  I graduate on Saturday (!!!) and the job search, the traveling, and the generally being a "real" adult is a little overwhelming.  Not in a bad way, just a different one.  I am so thankful for Caleb and my friends that are going through the same changes and are there to talk each other down when we need to.

I haven't been a great blogger lately. Between work, school, and other fun things, I haven't really had time to sit down and write good posts.  I'm hoping that this spring and summer I can change that. I know that there are good things ahead.

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