College is over.
College is over.
And that dignified crowning moment saw me exiting the commencement ceremony and almost getting knocked over by a guy in an eagle suit.  Soar, eagles.  Bye, TTU.
I guess now it's time for the waiting game to start in earnest.

Waiting for trips to get here already (Montana in 4 days!).  Waiting to hear back from jobs.  Waiting for shifts to be over and my hair to grow and for dinner time to get here.  It seems like I'm always waiting for something.
I've always had a hard time being "in the moment."  For me, it seems that the moment is often through an iPhone camera lens, spending more time documenting something than experiencing it.  I mean to work on that.

I feel peaceful.  I'm ready for adult life to start.  I'm ready to work full time at a job that makes a difference, buy a house, start a family.  I'm blessed with where my life is now and excited about where it's going in the future.

So here's to the first summer in the true "adult" world.  Here's to trips and lessons and having fun and staying up, here's to being worried and anxiety, because I know those things are inevitable.  I'm ready for it all.

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  1. Ah congrats, how exciting to be ready for this new phase of your life :)


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