I'm in love with this perfume.

It's an essential oils based scent, so it smells different on every person and becomes a signature scent.  My friend Liz bought it at the same time I did and it smells completely different on both of us.  I basically have my wrist in my face all day because I seriously cannot believe how delicious I smell.

Kinda like this.

I bought this in Montana and was scared that I wouldn't be able to find it again, so I bought 2 (I'm that obsessed.) So I was excited when I found out that they have a website you can order off of, and that the love scent comes in a large perfume oil as well.

Go click around on Auric Blend's site and pick out a new signature scent for yourself! Egyptian Goddess is another really yummy one that comes in larger sizes.  The rollerballs are only about 9 bucks, so you can pick out a couple to experiment with.

Happy wrist sniffing!

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