I've been getting into plants lately.  Mostly succulents, because I'm (almost) guaranteed not to kill them, but flowers too. My favorites are peonies and hydrangeas and once we buy a house I plan to buy a gazillion bushes of them to plant outside.

I thought that having succulents would be expensive, but they really aren't.  I've bought 3, from farmer's markets and Lowe's, and none of them have been over 5 dollars.  They're also easy to propogate, or so this article by Needle + Leaves has told me.  I've tried it out with my jade plant, and I'll let you know how it goes!

Planting things helps me when I'm stressed out, and it's nice to have greenery in the house.  I'm hoping that the more I mess with succulents and flowers, the better at it I'll get and I can be that lady with the really elaborate flower garden.

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