We went to cream city twice in one day over the weekend. If that's not a YOLO moment, I don't know what is.


In direct contrast to getting ice cream twice (I did get sorbet the second time, so), I really am trying to be healthier.  A wonderful fantastic magnificent new restaurant called The Turnaround just opened in Cookeville, and it's all organic and natural.  They have fresh juice (this one is carrot, ginger, and pineapple) and yummy food. The raw tacos are my ultimate lunch jam.

We're scheduled to have a polar vortex this week... in the middle of hacking July. In case you escaped to the tropics and weren't aware, that's what made last winter so freakishly cold.  In July it will probably be pretty pleasant, since usually July in Tennessee is miserable stupid hot, but it certainly leads us to believe that this winter will be a pretty harsh one.  In preparation, I'm getting back into crocheting and will probably make 20 afghans between now and then.

I bought us a new comforter (for like 40 bucks from nomorerack!) and it was one of the better decisions I've made in a while, purchase-wise.  It's super comfy and fluffy and I have a thing for white bedding.

My mom was here for a few days at the end of last week, and it was fantastic.  I really missed her.  

We've been trying to spend more time outside and enjoy the parks and other outdoor stuff in our town.  There's a ton of outdoor activities if you look for them.  We're both super aware that summer is almost over and want to make the most of it before it's gone (though I'm already excited for fall and I may or may not be buying pumpkin candles already.)

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