A ghost story is what first got me into reading.

It was called Wait Til Helen Comes, and in second grade, when I read it, it was easily scary enough to keep me up at night.  It was a pretty old book when I read it, and I never saw it afterward, but earlier this month I subscribed to openlibrary.org, where you can download PDFs of basically any book, anywhere, and I FOUND IT.  And I reread it.  And it was still creepy, though not nearly as creepy as I remembered it.

Since then, creeptastic books have always had a special place in my heart.  Which is weird for someone who really can't handle scary movies and tends to stay up sweating and terrified when I get legitimately spooked.  You know, different strokes for different folks.

These are a couple of my favorites that fall in the creepy category. Read if you dare...

That was dreadful and I apologize.  Continue on.

1. Bag of Bones - Stephen King.  He's probably my favorite writer ever, and this book is one of the few that legitimately creeped me out.

but don't watch the Pierce Brosnan miniseries because it is awful.

2. Dark Places - Gillian Flynn. This may be more of a thriller, but there's a supernatural aspect that makes it pretty darn creepy.  Trigger warnings for gore on this one.

3. The Way the Crow Flies - Ann-Marie MacDonald.  The writing here is superb.  The story isn't supernatural at all, but genuinely creeped me out.  It's a great read if you aren't sqeamish.

4. Adam - Tedd Dekker.  I love most of Ted Dekker's work, and this one probably isn't my favorite from him, but it's definitely a creep fest.

And, because I think it's really cool that there are multiple ways to reach an audience with a story now, here are a couple of my favorite non-traditionally-formatted creepy things:

1. Slenderman. Just google it.

2. This short scary story thread


  1. haha I read Bag of Bones when I was home alone one night and I got SO creeped out I had to call my ex-boyfriend to come over and protect me (from ghosts? idk).

    1. Haha! I totally wasn't expecting it to freak me out, but it did!


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