1. Has anyone tried this bulletproof coffee thing yet?  I put coconut oil in mine in the mornings, but I haven't gone whole-hog with the grass fed butter part just yet... the idea of butter in coffee weirds me out on a fundamental level.  But apparently it's really good for you.  I'll probably try it eventually.

2. I have been laughing at My Imaginary Well-Dressed Toddler Daughter for weeks.

3. I feel like I go back to the Lomo'Instant Camera Kickstarter every few days and ponder whether I have an extra 35 dollars to back it and get a Chrome Splash camera... so far I haven't been able to convince myself, but I'll definitely be grabbing one when they come out.
4. The forever adorable Courtney at Always Rooney made a really cute hanging fruit basket that looks fairly easy, even to me.  And I'm always looking for excuses to buy more fruit.

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