I try to go as long as I can between hair washes, within reason. I can usually do about 5 days without it getting gross, with the help of dry shampoo and sometimes half-washes for my bangs in the sink. The gorgeous girls of Treasures and Travels did a feature a while back where they all showed the hairstyles that get them through a week of no washing, and since all hair types are so different (and I get lots of questions about how I make my wash last so long), I thought I would do the same!

So, about my hair texture: my hair is incredibly think and coarse. It's prone to dryness and split ends, but it usually has lots of volume and holds styling well.

Day one, fresh after a wash.  I usually wash my hair at night and blow dry my bangs with a round brush.  Occasionally I'll use a hair dryer on the rest of my hair for a minute or two just so it isn't soaking wet, but usually I'll let it air dry.  I work in a repairing treatment, concentrating on my ends, for extra moisture since my hair tends to the drier side. The morning after I wear my hair down and work the waves!

Day 2 is usually a half up/half down.  Sometimes I'll put it up with a hair elastic, but I usually use bobby pins and twist the sections of hair before pinning to give it a little more volume up top.  This is gonna sound elitist, probably, but after years of inadequate bobby pins, the ones from Sally Beauty have a much better grip than the ones from Dollar General.  In my opinion, they're totally worth a few cents more.

I'm glad that messy pony tails are having a moment, because they help me get through life with much less time spent drying my hair.  Day 3 is almost always messy pony day.  It's also the first day I break out the dry shampoo (I've been using Not Your Mother's); I'll spray a little in my bangs and work it through the top of my ponytail for extra volume.  The messier the better on this one, so I usually just rake it up as high as I can with my fingers and secure it tight so it stays bouncy.

Day 4 is when it allll goes up.  I've found a ton of hair tutorials for this style, but this one has got to by my favorite, and by far the easiest (I'm showing T and T some serious love with this post, #notsorry).  A little hairspray is always a good idea with a style like this, and I'm a fan of this one because it's not sticky.

You really can't beat a head wrap for hiding greasies.  This one is from Rayna Jaye, who makes the cutest ones in the land.  I'll run some more dry shampoo through my bangs put a little argan oil on my ends if they're dry, and I'm good to go! This is also a great style if you oversleep because it literally takes .2 seconds.

So there's a blueprint for taking your wash up to 5 days!  What are some hairstyles that save your wash?

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