Real question - is it pronounced "Capreese" or "Capreezy?" I don't know. One makes this post title rhyme, so I like that one better.

But I do know that it's delicious, and this one is super easy.

I'm trying to be healthier (isn't everyone? Aren't I always doing this? The answer to both is yes), and this is an option that both Caleb and I enjoy.  Here's what you need:

balsamic vinegrette
baby tomatoes
fresh mozzarella
herbs to taste (I like black pepper and sriracha, because sriracha)

clean, easy caprese salad

This photo was taken after we had already eaten half of it, when I thought oh gee this would make a good blog post.

Tear up your spinach so it's easier to eat. Tear your mozzarella into chunks (it can be tough to cut, so if you do use a sharp knife!) and toss it with the spinach. Mix in the baby tomatoes, drizzle (or douse, whatever) with balsamic, all your herbs, and you're done!  

Yummy, healthy, easy on the not-so-great chemicals, and it contains cheese. A win for all.

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