We don't slow down much around here.

This was thrown into sharp relief last week, when we both ended up with what was basically the flu and were wandering around our den of sickness with lots of orange juice and tissues. This came after a week where we played music for four nights at a rad revival, packed up and moved into our first house, and entertained lots of family.

I don't really think about slowing down. I thrive on busy-ness (honestly, I think almost everyone in our generation does. Mostly because we've been taught that busy-ness = productivity = the be-all end-all, which aint that great and is why we're all sick most of the time and on anxiety medication.)

Whew. Anyway.

We both work really hard, long hours. And we're thankful for them. And generally weekends are full of other stuff - good stuff, fun stuff, but busy stuff.

So this weekend, we're taking it a bit slower. We're headed on a day trip to nashville for Valentine's Day (where I plan to consume ALL the Kentucky Mint soda, thanks), and we're gonna head back late afternoon and probably go to bed early, because we party that hard.

So take this as your reminder to slow down. Take some deep breaths (I've been doing a 30 day yoga challenge, and its yummy and makes me feel much nicer and less stressed).  Sleep some more.

Happy weekend!

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