Everyone has their "thing" that they look for when they're buying clothes. You're a cropped tee person or you like your tops longer. You like small back pockets, bigger back pockets, no back pockets. Wedges, stilettos, or flats.

My thing is pockets.

All dresses can be made better with pockets. INCLUDING wedding dresses - I tried one on and had it been just a lil more fairy-princess, I totally would have went for it.

floral dress spinning

I loved it so much I spun around in it. Like a lot.

I got this baby on etsy and I can't wait for it to be warmer than 40 degrees for more than 2.5 days so I can wear it always.

Oh you didn't know? TN is iced in again. Grrrreeeeaaaattt. I actually got stuck on a rather busy road sideways on my way to work this morning. But I didn't even cry, so win for me.

floral dress, boots, american flag

dress via Secondhand Obsession on etsy // shirt is old cynthia rowley // necklace is old UO // boots  (which I am HEAVILY EYEING in burgundy. man.)

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