This is an outfit post and a beauty post all smushed together.
First, the outfit part:

I have spoken before of my neutral colors issues... This shirt is a push in the right direction. Colorful, but not in-your-face.   I got it at a cute boutique in town, one of many around here. They're on the pricier side (think Zara), but their stuff is always really cute and very unique.  I also have a huge thing for hi-lo hems because they flatter my weird proportions.
Berry Hi-Lo: Luxe Boutique
Light Blue Skinnies: Level 99, Anthro
Boots: Avon
Necklace: I made it :)

Now for the beauty part.
I can't get my jar of coconut oil opened.  I'm going to make Caleb go manstrong on it when he gets home, but for now I'm using olive oil as a deep conditioner rather than coconut oil.  It works just as well in my opinion, and it's cheaper, but it does have a weird herby smell.  But that should come out in the wash.
I bought some new Biotin and I can already tell the difference in my hair!  It's really growing!  Some of this difference can be attributed to me running 3x/week. Exercise helps your hair grow because it increases your circulation.
Less lovehandles and more hair? Sounds like a deal to me.

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