I have had bad acne pretty much since the onset of puberty.  Only recently have I been able to get a handle on it and not feel like the creature from the black lagoon 75% of the time.

That dastardly carton of cow hormones.
I did a post here about the things that are good for your skin and that you should be using. On the flip side, here's a list of things you should nix if you're having skin issues.
Dairy - the cow hormones in dairy wreak havoc with our skin cells. Reducing my dairy intake has made a huge difference in my skin. If you have to have it, use skim, because the bad hormones are concentrated in fat and skim has less fat for it to hide in. I cannot stress this enough. When I started avoiding dairy my skin started clearing within the week, and now if I have dairy a pimple pops up within a few days. This is some potent stuff.
Vegetable Oil - You body makes your cells out of what you put into it.  If you're ingesting processed, chemical-y oils like vegetable, that's what its using to make your skin cells, and they will be subpar because of it. use olive oil and coconut oil while cooking instead - this is a good rule for weight loss too.
One or two is fine, but don't suck down the whole sleeve of Thin Mints.
Caffeine - We've all been told that we should only consume this in moderation, and rarely do we listen.  But substituting tea for coffee, even if the tea isn't decaffeinated, makes a big difference in the brightness of our skin.
Sugar - this one is the hardest by far for me.  Sugar causes spikes in your blood sugar, freaking out your hormones and thus freaking out your skin.  Approach with caution.

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