I've been seeing fringed t-shirts all over the place (oh hey Coachella) and I really like them, but I also have no money to spend. So I decided to take and old V-neck and make one of my own!

I definitely have a theme with the V-neck upcycling lately.
Put on whatever shirt you're using and make a little pen mark where you want your fringe to end.  Once you make the first cut there, use it as a guide to get all the fringe on the same level.  I cut mine up to my hip.

If you want to leave it like this, you can and its cute! But I got a little crafty and tied the ends up in a pattern.  It also makes the shirt a little shorter, since this one is huge and almost covered my shorts.

Yippy! Hope you enjoyed the simplest tutorial in the history of blogging.

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  1. Really cute! If you want to make the fringe thinner, try pulling each of the fringe. It will remove the rough edges! Oooh, that will look good dip dyed too! :*

    XO, Michi


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