This is some seriously easy nail art. I like it because it gives that pretty marbled look. All you need are 2 colors of nail polish, a matte top coat (not required, but I think it looks better), and a paper towel.
First, paint your nails your base color (with the matte coat, if that's your thing.)

Next, take the other color (the one you want to marble with) and drop glops of it on a paper towel.  Spread them out so that you can see the texture of the paper towel - that's what will create the marble effect.

Now all you do it rub your nails over the polish spots on the paper towel. If you wanna get fancy you can just do the tips or the moons - I just rubbed the whole thing over it and I liked what I got :)

And bam.  Fancy nails in 5 minutes :)  I like the pale color combo for spring, but you can play around with darker colors and make it dramatic if you wanna!

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