Bold brows are having a moment.  And all of us who spent our high school years torturing ourselves with cheap tweezers rejoiced.

Unfortunately, my "eyebrow game" is naturally more of a unibrow than Cara Delvigne-esque bold brows (what a flattering thing to admit on social media.) However, an eyebrow pencil kinda changed my life.

If you're like me, you don't wear a whole lot of makeup, and eyebrow pencils are something you associate with old makeup ladies.  I am confident that despite the less-than-verbose description, you know exactly what I'm talking about when I say "old makeup lady."

Well, eyebrow pencils can work for anyone.  And there is a way to do it and make it look natural.  It's all in the kind of pencil you get.

Go for one that's self-sharpening (rolls up rather than looking like a school pencil), with a fine tip.  The finer the tip, the more "hair-like" your strokes are going to look.  I like the Merle Norman automatic brow pencil and this one from Milani.

Before - looking a little straggly:

how to fill in your eyebrows

After - much more filled-in and uniform:

fill in your eyebrows

Something else to be careful with is the color.  It's tempting to go for a dark brown to be bolder, but a taupe color usually blends in much better and looks more natural.

natural bold eyebrows how to

I've been filling my brows in almost every day. It makes me feel much more put-together, which I realize is weird. Oh well. Try it and see!


  1. Loving this bold brow movement. Especially because I've always had thicker eye brows. I think yours look absolutely stunning. You have beautiful eyes :)

    1. Your eyebrows are STUNNING. Thank you so much!


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