Is there anything better than cheese? Not really. Unless you add bread, then it skyrockets even higher into it's better-than-everything-ness.

Can you tell that grilled cheeses rank pretty high on my list of favorite foods?

When I make them for dinner I try to add more to them than just cheese - because Caleb is a man, and a simple grilled cheese isn't really enough sustenance for him, and because I like for dinner to be a little bit fancier if I can help it.  That's not saying that we don't have nights when all we can throw together is a bowl of cereal and some peanut butter for protein, but whatever.

The other night I wanted a grilled cheese, but needed to add something to it.  We had smoked cheddar cheese in the fridge (side note: get some), and I added some sliced tomatoes and bacon for a yummy sandwich that had a little more going on than just cheese.

I've got big plans for my grilled cheeses.  I'm thinking a summer version with cucumbers and feta, maybe a bullseye version with an egg and some spinach... the possibilities are endless.

Rock on, grilled cheese.


  1. My favourite fancy grilled cheese is goat cheese, sliced pears and fig jam. It's so good, you should totally try it!

    1. That sounds yummy! I'll definitely have to try it!


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