I got an idea this week, and I hope to make it a regular blog feature.  I read a bunch of articles online.  Between what gets linked on Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter, I feel like I'm learning lots of fun information pretty much every day.  And when I find something cool, I like to share.  So, Tuesdays will now be when I share the cool stuff I've found in the proceeding week that I think you might find cool, too.

1. This article about the 40 hour workweek and how it affects our consumption habits kind of blew my mind. 2. I usually only go to BuzzFeed for the well-curated listings of cat gifs, but this piece about Troian Bellisario, one of my very favorite actresses, was pretty great  

3. I kind of love the ripped jean look (maybe because in it's first heyday while I was in middle school my parents refused to buy me already ripped jeans on principle?), so now that I buy my own jeans and they're making a comeback, this tutorial from Treasures and Travels (one of my favorite blogs) is just what I need.

4. The more Game of Thones-esque a hairstyle can get, the better.  I'm loving all the braids over on the Beauty Department right now, and I want to try this one this week sometime. Just call me Khaleesi.

**all photos taken from the articles linked

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