It was my birthday and our anniversary Sunday (yeah, we got married on my birthday), so to celebrate, we headed up to Nashville to eat at The Pharmacy.  We had never been before, but our cooler friends all said that it was great, and we're always up for trying new burger joints :)

places to eat in nashville

Y'all.  This place did NOT disappoint.  I got the cheese burger, which sounds plain but was pretty fancy, with three different kinds of cheese on a sourdough bun with the regular burger works.  Cheese is my favorite. This burger is my favorite.

Caleb got the Farm Burger, which has more meat than usual (of course he picked that one), and an egg.  I would never have thought of putting an egg on a burger, but apparently that is a thing and I am behind the times. It was pretty delicious.

Everything The Pharmacy uses is locally sourced, so all the beef was from local Tennessee farms.  I love that and wish that more restaurants would use that as part of their business model.

the pharmacy nashville

The burgers were fantastic, but my favorite part by far was the soda.  The Pharmacy has its own soda fountain where they mix signature sodas, with syrups made using pure cane sugar.  I had the Kentucky Mint - mint is a love-it-or-hate-it thing, and I love it.  I'll try mint anything, and this didn't disappoint! It was the most refreshing thing ever.

kimono for summer

summer gypsy style
kimono // top // ring (similar) // necklace (the most similar that I've found, for those who have asked!)

Broke out the kimono again, of course.  It's light enough to wear throw over anything to add some interest without adding bulk.  I threw on some shorts, and it was the perfect outfit for walking around the Parthenon (why does Nashville have a scale model of an ancient Greek building?  I have no idea. But it's cool.)

It was a great birthday, and it freaks me out that I'm now in the "mid-twenties" range... but I'm excited for what it will bring!


  1. I'm seriously loving your kimonos. And that place sounds amazing. My husband and I really want to go to Nashville on vacation, so if we go this place will be added to our list of places to visit.

    1. Yes! Nashville is so nice. We only live about an hour away, and we don't take advantage of it nearly like we should.


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