I shared this on Instagram and Pinterest, so those of you who follow me there as well are probably tired of it... but I can't get it out of my head.

We hear so often that "a little healthy competition" is a good thing.  But what makes competition healthy?  I personally think that the only competition that is healthy is when you're competing with yourself (I've written a little about this before.) Constantly comparing and competing with those around you leads to issues with how you see yourself, and doesn't make for very healthy or close friendships.

There isn't a limited number of spots for success.  Just because someone else makes it, doesn't mean that you won't.  Rejoice in your friend's accomplishments rather than seeing it as something you need to surpass.  Root for everyone.  I think that having a hopeful attitude about other's success can help you be successful yourself - learn from it rather than resenting it.

There's enough going against us without tearing each other down too. 

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