I'm pretty sure our apartment hasn't been updated since the 70s. There's some pretty fabulous wood paneling on the walls, the appliances are a little outdated, and the light fixtures are right out of The Partridge Family.

I dig it.

I'm not a clean freak by a long shot.  Wish I was, but it's just not part of my personality.  That being said, I do keep our place clean, especially the living room, since that's where people tend to congregate when they come over.

Most of the things on the wall were gifts.  My friend Cathy Rogers painted the picture of my wedding bouquet, my father-in-law found the shelf for me at an estate sale (it's actually a milk-bottle carrier thing), and the initial shadowbox was made by my friend Sarah.  Most of the owls were gifts, too.  I have an owl thing and the people in my life graciously keep it going.  In fact, the only things on this wall that I bought at full retail were my Printic instagram prints... They're super affordable, and you can add text to the bottom. Also, they're an easy way to fake Polaroids :)  The tiny mirror and the Pentax are both thrift store finds.  I would love to find film for the Pentax and actually start using it, but for now, it looks good on the wall!

Full disclosure, that flower is fake.  Since apparently the only plants I can keep alive are succulents, I thought that was best.  The green vase is another Goodwill find, the cute wooden sign was a sweet wedding gift from Ashley, and the candles I have collected, due to my weirdness about smells, over the years.  

So this side table is actually a Crimson Tide spirit table... I won't say I didn't know what I was getting into when I married Caleb, the ultimate Alabama fan, but I will say that the sheer amount of spirit paraphernalia that he owns sometimes still baffles me.

Other than that, I liked the shape and build of the table and I wanted to use it in our space. So I took some burlap, double-stick-taped it, and there we are.  Caleb didn't mind.

This is probably my favorite edition to our home recently - we found this huge American flag at an antique store for 4 dollars.  Caleb is all about some patriotism (he's like a younger, way more attractive Ron Swanson), so he was allllll about it.  And I actually really like the way it looks hanging up.  I can't wait until we have a house where we can give it more of it's own space.  The painting I did a long time ago - floral rings are one in my incredibly limited repertoire of things I can successfully paint.

I love adding to our little space, and doing it from mostly thrift store finds and gifts keeps it affordable and fun :)


  1. Good for you for covering up that nasty Alabama table ;) (this coming from an Auburn alum) I'm so incredibly jealous of your painting talent - that's amazing!

    1. Hahaha! My brother went to Auburn, so we are a house divided :) thank you so much!

  2. Aw. I think your decorations make this place look very homey :)


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