At about 4:30am Saturday morning, we woke up because of a HUGE crash outside.  Caleb scrambled out and discovered on his way that we were out of power. When we made it outside to see what the noise had been, we saw two pine trees had fallen over in the backyard. They clipped the shed and did a little damage, but missed the house by inches. We are so, so fortunate, and thankful that the Lord made those trees just a few inches shorter!

It was scary, and we never quite got back to sleep. We went to breakfast with some friends since our power was out and we couldn't cook, and then Caleb went out to the fire department and ended up running emergency dispatch all day. We spent the night with friends who had power so that we would't freeze.

We're so thankful for friends who don't even think twice about taking us in, letting us crash with them, and even make us a yummy breakfast in the morning. It sucks that we're having to fix the shed soon after moving in (yay homeowner's insurance), but it was nowhere near as bad as it could be.

All in all, a stressful weekend, but we have a lot to be grateful for. 

Thankfully a majority of the snow and ice had melted off this weekend, but we're supposed to get another bout tonight. It was pretty for the first few days, but I'm tired of it! Snow isn't nearly as fun when you don't get off work for it.  It's just a nuisance.

Our power is back, so we're warm and safe! Hope all you other snowbound friends are the same! 

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