To really make our Tennessee ice storm experience top-notch, a pine tree fell down in our backyard. And because we are working adults with a lot of crap to do, we didn't get it chopped down and moved out of the yard until last weekend.

Also, Caleb bought a chainsaw and looks really hot using the chainsaw. Anyway.

I actually impressed myself with my hauling and counted it as a workout. True to form, I also spent a lot of time picking out artistically-shaped limbs for art projects.

Behold project number one:

natural home decor

I literally took this branch, painted bands of color on it sporadically, and affixed it to the wall. I think it turned out pretty rad.

You can easily recreate this... by finding a branch that tickles your fancy, painting random bands of color, and affixing it to your wall (that's the hardest part!)

Happy 10 minute crafting! 

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