I really hate spending money on things I could do myself.
In the past, the list of things I thought I could do myself was much longer than it is now.  These are just a few of the "DIYS" that I thought would turn out a whole lot better than they did.

Rinsing my hair with ACV - I have since found out the right way to do this, but when I first read that rinsing your hair with apple cider vinegar would increase its growing power, I went a little nuts. Nuts meaning that I doused my hair with the stuff and smelled like it for the next 3 days (after showering again. That crap is potent.)
Apparently you're supposed to dilute it before you rinse with it and not leave it in your hair for so long. Now that I know that, I've been able to use it fairly effectively. 

Highlighting and Contouring - With the 8 bazillion tutorials circling Pinterest that exist for this makeup trick, you'd think I would be able to execute it fairly successfully.
No. No I cannot.
No pictures exist of this particular bronzing failure.  I'm not sorry.

Gradual Tanning - Yet again, a failure that resulted from not fully thinking something through before jumping into it.  PSA: This works tons better if you exfoliate first. Also, weird as it sounds, make sure that you apply it to the tops of your feet too. Otherwise you end up with a weird sock tan line.  Not cute. It doesn't look as bad in the photo to the right as it has in the past... but just trust me and don't do it.

Cutting my own bangs - To make matters worse, I did this right before my engagement photos. Most of the shots made it not so obvious, and they still looked great because Caleb is hot and our photographer was phenomenal, but there really wasn't anything to be done about my bang weirdness in this particular gem...
At least Caleb is still super attractive.

Some things are worth plunking over the cash for, it seems.

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