Blush and mascara are my two go-to makeup products.  If I've got those two, I can forego the rest. Consequently, they are also the two products that I buy the most of and experiment with the most.
If you haven't heard of E.L.F products, you're seriously missing out. They make quality makeup products for pennies on the dollar. This is my favorite product I've tried so far, but I'm also a fan of the cream eyeliner and the makeup brushes.
This color is called Superstar and it's a pinky-peach that looks really nice in the summertime.

It comes in a handy-dandy little bottle with a squirt top.  Sometimes liquid makeup can get super messy, but so far the way this dispenses has kept that from happening.
Honestly, my only issue with this blush is that the bottle spits out WAY more than you need.  A little goes a long way is an understatement.  I've got a peach stripe down the middle of my makeup bag from having to wipe off excess blush from my fingers because its really hard to only get out as much as you need.

This is how much comes out with one (tiny) pump.

This is how much you really need.
As far as application, its simple.  I just smile so the apples of my cheeks stick out and blend towards my temples.

All in all, I'd really recommend the HD blush - besides being a little squirt-happy on the dispensing, it looks really pretty, blends well, and it's four bucks. You can't beat four bucks for nice makeup.
Get yours here.

*photos edited with VSCO and ABeautifulMess

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