As the wedding draws closer (3 weeks!!! I can't believe it!) I've been slowly starting to move my stuff into Caleb's apartment and make it my space as well as his.
I love the way pennant banners look, and that you can customize them to say whatever you want.  The bedroom was looking a little bare, so I decided to make it my first decorating project.
At first I was going to buy a pennant, but then I saw some supplies at Hobby Lobby and figured I could make one for much cheaper!
Here's what you'll need:

...and Modge Podge, which didn't make it into the picture.
First, cut your sheet of cardstock into triangles.  I had square cards so I was able to freehand it, just cutting down the corners.  If you have larger sheets, you'll probably want to make a template and trace triangles onto the cardstock before you cut.
Cut as many as you'll need for how long you want your banner - mine wasn't super long, but I plan on making a bigger one for the window in the living room.
Take the Modge Podge and draw a line on the top of your triangle. Press the ribbon to it so that it sticks.

My ribbon was perforated, so I added a dot of glue on the top and spread it for extra hold.
Repeat with all your triangles and let it dry, and you're done!  
I added words to mine - its a cute way to show a verse or song lyric that you like (I like it better than wall decals).
I used Song of Songs 6:3 - "I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine."
I'm so excited to keep making projects to decorate our tiny space!

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